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Homework Question on Business Marketing

  • Answer the five questions below one at a time in approximately 200 words (1100 total) and 1 reference (5 total) each. Keep the questions separted:
  1. Name and describe three of the ethical issues facing the marketing research industry.
  2. Explain why sugging and frugging are bad for marketing researchers.
  3. What are marketing, marketing concept, marketing strategy, and marketing research? Explain the role of marketing research in the process of marketing management, marketing concept and marketing strategy.
  4. What is the purpose of marketing research? Describe the uses of marketing research.
  5. Distinguish among MIS (marketing information systems), marketing research and DSS (decision support systems).

Homework Answer on Business Marketing

Ethical issues facing marketing research industry

Marketing research has undergone has undergone numerous evolutionary changes due to the emergence of the internet. This has made it easier for market researchers to connect directly with the customers and collect information in marketing and storage. It also allows for easy information sharing between various researchers and therefore helps in data triangulation during market research. Ways in which organizations conduct their marketing research can have some impacts both to consumer’s way of life.

The firms too can face a public criticism if they undertook unethical market research practices. There are several ethical factors that have affected marketing research today.Deceptive practices are among one of the factors. Most companies in the process of gathering information about its customer’s often use deceptive practices and dishonesty in research methods. This involves all activities that use false information/data to establish information about consumers. In addition, there is also privacy invasion where organizations infringe on the privacy of consumers in the process of information gathering.

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In several instances, customers do not recognize the magnitude of this infiltration. Mostly the firms use this information for advertising purposes. Breaching of confidentiality of the customers is also another factor. Most organizations end up sharing information regarding their customers with other related firms. In some instances, they also end up selling the information about their customers they gathered outside their organizations. In ethical terms, authorization of data from consumers data to unknown destinations is ethically wrong.