Sample Business Studies Essays On Business Dilemma

Homework Question on Business Dilemma

  1. Identify a real-world business decision that you had to make or a problem that you had to solve for which there was no clear solution. Choose a problem that included other people, where their behavior and decisions impacted your solution. If you have never confronted a business dilemma, you can research one.
  2. Develop an analysis where you critically evaluate this dilemma, showing how you can use critical thinking to solve the issue. Specifically, complete the following: 1.Describe the business dilemma, explaining what problem there was to be solved.
  3. Explain the solution. If this is a situation that you already experienced, explain how you solved the business problem or decision, outlining the steps that you took. If this is a problem that you experienced but did not solve (or a problem that you heard about or read about someone else experiencing) explain how you would solve the problem.
  4. Apply the various types of thinking (critical, strategic, and ethical) to the issues and support your decision, or come up with an alternative strategic course of action.
  5. Describe how other people influenced your decision (Did you get advice? Pushback?) or how they responded to your decision (Were they angry? Happy? Did they think you were right or wrong?). Detail how you collaborated with others to solve this problem. If you did not collaborate, explain how the process would have been different if you had collaborated with others.
  6. Analyze your decision and how you would have dealt with the situation differently after applying critical, strategic, and ethical thinking, or discuss how you might advise a person who is handling this problem.
  7. Present a strategic course of action that you would adopt. In other words, tell what steps you would take to solve this problem or what steps you would take next, after the solution.
  8.  Include a discussion of the ethical problems associated with this dilemma.
  9.  Include a brief communications strategy, telling how you would communicate virtually (by e-mail, video conference, et cetera) with those impacted by this solution.
  •  Provide support for your suggestions, using APA-referenced citations.
  • Number of resources: Cite a minimum of two resources       

Homework Answer on Business Dilemma

One of the unethical dilemmas I faced at work concerned pressure from the management. Employees engaged in unnecessary competition that resulted in exploitation and immoral acts. Some of the managers asked for sexual favors from the employees so that they could be included in the list of best performers. Due to their good performance, it was hard for them to be vindicated for immoral acts. I made a decision to punish them for the unethical acts by applying the policies, terms, and conditions of employment.

Managers involved performed exceptionally well in their departments. The organization culture is cognizant of good performance, an act that ignores the process through which success has been attained. The problem to be solved was about the misuse of office and position to exploit employees and instill fear in them (Pitman, 2011). I followed the following steps in coming up with a solution for the problem.

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The first step involved stepping aside of all the mentioned managers by the employees. The second step was to set up a committee that was responsible for conducting investigation for sexual claims. Thirdly, managers found guilty faced the full force of the law while those that who were not found guilty were reinstated to their position. Critically, the problem affected the employees. If the situation was not dealt with at that point in time, it would have resulted in the damage of the company’s image in the public.