Sample Business Studies Essays On Analysis of Car Crash

Homework Question on Analysis of Car Crash

  1. Each 1-2 page written analysis of an event. Relate to ethical or policy issues.
  2. The event being: a personal involvement on a car crash. Me being the victim. (I hit the other car but the fault of the accident being hers, the driver on the other car)
  3. Use your knowledge to relate to the problem and add your own ideas. Being aware that the scenario must relate to ETHICAL and POLICY ISSUES. on another note (she did not apologise at first only a day after she called me directly and noticed that it was rude of her not to apologise since it was her fault and apologise a day after the accident. Police were on the scene of the accident. Information was exchanged between the two parties.)

Homework Answer on Analysis of Car Crash

An involvement in a car crash can be traumatic, and accidents may cause both psychological and physical injuries. Therefore, it is important to stay alert and be aware of what to do in case an accident occurs. It is important to acknowledge both ethical and policy issues in the event of an accident. For instance, I was involved in a car accident where attention was paid on the policy issues only, disregarding the ethical issues.

Even though I hit the car that was ahead of me, it was not my fault but the fault of the driver in the other car. I stayed at the scene of accident as per the policy laws, and I also took the initiative to check on the driver of the other car (Robison & Reeser, 2012). The lady driver rebuked me in an attempt to pass the blame on me. I went to my car, took my phone, and called the police who responded in the shortest time. Some exchange of information took place among the police, witnesses, the lady driver and I.

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Paying attention on policy rules and disregarding ethical concerns, I was held responsible for causing the accident. The lady was demanded to be compensated for damages on her vehicle. I contacted my insurance company and explained the matter to them. By paying attention to ethical issues, I told the whole truth, through clear explanation of facts. The lady behaved in an unethical manner by concealing some details that would have held her liable of causing the accident (Robison & Reeser, 2012).