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Homework Question on American Dream Analysis

  • American Dream is a documentary about the negotiations between a union and a meatpacking company that resulted in a strike. From the perspective of most of the participants, it was a failed negotiation.
  1. Your assignment is to analyze the situation by applying the concepts, using appropriate terminology correctly, of the course to explain what happened. The assignment is not to describe what happened or report on your feelings about what happened. If you were going to write, “the negotiations were characterized by negotiator’s suffering from confirmation bias” you should give an example to both support that assertion and demonstrate that you are using the term correctly and appropriately.
  2. Any reporting of what someone did should be used to illustrate or substantiate. During negotiations are both extensive and complex and many of the phenomenon discussed in the course are on display.
  3. A good analysis will not only identify as many of these as possible but will also be able to distinguish between the most important and the less important. You should make sure you clearly identify and first address the most important and thoroughly analyze them.

Homework Answer on American Dream Analysis

Negotiation Evaluation in the “American Dream” Documentary

The documentary film of American Dream is a documentary that comprises adequate information explaining the failure of negotiations between the workers and their company. Hormel Company, a meat packing company, was unable to reach an understanding with the local union (P-19) that represented the workers. The parties were not able to reach an agreement after various meetings of negotiations. Most importantly, the employees using their local union made some serious mistakes that disrupted the negotiation process with their employers.

First, the workers lacked an appropriate BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) to support smooth negotiation between the parties. The BTNA did not prepare for any alternative solutions in case of unsuccessful negotiations with the company. The local union only designed a better approach for encouraging the workers to strike. In the case, the workers were able to present their queries to the company, but they did not evaluate the alternatives strategies of the company.

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The company had reported a $30 million net profit for the annual year and thus, it was best suited in the negotiation process. The P-9 should have determined whether the BTNA of the company was strong enough to hire new employees as well as forcing the workers on strike to return to work. I think local union consultant Roger lack proper understanding of the negotiations, since he should have included provisions that provided for the security of the worker’s jobs.