Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Using the Internet to Solve Problems

Using the Internet to Solve Problems


            Over the past 25 years, the internet has been the epitome of human activity. Since the sprouting of the modern internet in the late 1980s, numerous problems have been solved through its dimensions and capability (Hafner, 1998). The internet uses interconnected computer networks as a global system that uses TCP/IP (Internet protocol suite) to link devices from around the world (Hafner, 1998). Optical networking technologies and wireless electronic technologies connect academic, public, private, business and government network. This paper will improve the different ways the Internet can be used to solve problems in the world today.


It is important to note that information services and resources the internet carry through World Wide Web applications, e-mails, social networks, hypertexts documents and the like are hugely extensive.

  • One particularly common and important of using the internet is access to information. While a few years ago it was difficult for an individual to operate certain appliances that required specific instructions and skills, nowadays such instructions are readily available on the internet. Through websites like Google and YouTube, individuals can operate almost all home appliances by following instructions on the internet(Batinic, 2013).
  • Before the internet communication both closely and intercontinental was difficult and very expensive. However, the advent of the internet has enabled solving of communication difficulties. Use of communication mediums like e-mails, teleconferencing, Skype and the like has solved communication problems(Batinic, 2013).
  • The internet has also been useful in addressing societal problems like crimes, natural disasters and the like. Before the internet, the only avenues of mass communication were the radio and the TV. While such are still useful, the social media has eclipsed, criminal problems can be solved through the internet by displaying culprits on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter(Taylor, 2015).
  • Another important problem solved by the internet is research. Before the internet research work was extremely cumbersome. For an individual to carry out a successful research he or she must evaluate numerous books and satisfy many references. Many researchers endured difficult times before getting the solution they were looking. However, the advent of the internet has made research less cumbersome and even enjoyable. Nowadays having an internet connection will only require a researcher to search the required and he or she will have access to a many related references(Batinic, 2013).
  • Financial transactions were problematic before the internet. There were always problems originating from the closure of banks, passed deadlines, lack of liquid cash and the like. However, the introduction of the internet has solved many financial transaction problems. Nowadays login in your respective bank’s website with proper credentials will validate a transaction. Also, new payment methodologies like PayPal, Skrill, and the like have revolutionized operations(Batinic, 2013).


            The internet is a vital component of the world today. Use of the internet has ensured numerous problems like the ones mentioned above are solved efficiently. However, while we embrace the positives of the internet, it is important to mention that the internet can be an avenue of negativity. Nowadays cybercrime is on the rise and terrorists are using the internet especially the social media to recruit members(Taylor, 2015). Young people are corrupted by the internet and its advances. As such, it is important to use the internet correctly and monitor any illegal activities.

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