Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on SUVs Sales

  1. Although SUVs have seen a rise in sales and companies are trying to market to younger audiences, do you feel as if sales could drop in the future due to the increase in environmental concerns that are spoken of in today’s society?

The increasingly competitive business environment is a result of an increase of organizations pressing in marketing strategy. The marketing concept adopted by the auto industries in targeting the youth makes them stand out from the crowded global environment. The concept of segmentation, targeting, and positioning is an essential strategy in marketing. Marketing segmentation plays a major role in developing competitive scopes, which is a powerful tool with an effective competitive advantage, and for that reason, shapes the configuration for the chain value. Through market segmentation, a firm is able to provide higher values to clients through the development of a market mix that addresses the specific needs and concerns for the target segment, in this case, the youth. This approach is consistent and protects the selected positions through creations of variables with brand name in the prospect’s mind; therefore, there is unlikelihood for a drop in the market values of these SUVs.           

  • What are your thoughts on the growing number of compact SUVs being sold in our society? Do you personally believe that our generation would be benefit with smaller SUVs? If so, could you explain your reasoning behind the benefits?

The popularity of compact SUVs continues to grow across every market in the world. This could be attributed to the trade tensions and the slowdowns in the Chinese Automobiles. The SUVs are gaining worldly popularity due to their advanced technologies, which have increased the customers’ confidence. The smaller SUVs benefits the youthful generation due to their automated nature that has minimized the manual processes of the old models.