Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

It is true tourism is sustainable. It entails respecting local culture and religion for instance, proper dressing when visiting places of worship (Bramwell and Lane, 2011).Sustainable tourism has made positive effects to nations and sustains conservation. It has also been attained in various places. For example, Morgan’s rock reserve was converted into a resort, farm, and protected forest ( 2016). To reduce the effect of carbon footprint on the environment, they make use of sensitive lighting that uses solar power leading to production of 70% of food. Local people are used as tourist guides at the resort and use part of its sustainable forestry project aimed at averting unlawful logging. The Kasbah du Toubkal in Morocco is another example of sustainable tourism whose main objective is to help local people (Journal of sustainable tourism 2014). It is evident from this example that sustainable tourism is sustainable and it can have a positive effect on the local area.

Moreover, sustainable tourism is sustainable because it determines the future of the world today (Cole, 2006). This is because sustainable tourism improves performance of other sectors like conservation of the environment and forestry. For instance, in China, there has been an increase in creating awareness within the travel agents, industrial suppliers, and learning institutions on the significance of sustainable tourism.

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