Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Summation

Author’s Note


 My BBA program was very instrumental in helping me learn unique concepts that I now apply in understanding and solving some complex problems facing modern society. The degree gave me an insight into the importance of financial management and planning that directly applies in each person’s daily operations. I believe that the skills acquired from this will help me in my future career by planning my operations, living within my means, and investing appropriately. Moreover, the program also equipped me with researching abilities, especially in the corporate sector. It has enabled me to relate decisions by businesses enterprises or the government and market trends. This aspect will be very essential in my career as it will help me in identifying any existing opportunities or risks and to decide on its viability. Concepts such as proper bookkeeping, accountability, recording of all transactions and being a good and reliable leader will aid in nurturing me to become a reliable and innovative professional.

 One of the most interesting lessons leaned in the program was the concept of leadership. Surprisingly, I used to believe that anyone in society could be a leader provided they were elected or appointed. However, the course made me realize that leaders are born and not made and that they have specific characteristics that differentiate them from other members of society. They also have a differentiated way of thinking that allows them to find solutions to complex problems in an organization. Through this, I was able to distinguish a leader and a manager and their roles in enhancing success and motivation among employees and members of society. The BBA program helped me understand that leaders are unique beings that have exceptional characteristics that cannot be learned but are inborn.