Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Project Management

               Project Management

Project management entails the practice of initiating, controlling and executing the work of a team to meet specific goals. As a project manager, the main challenge we encounter during a project is achieving all the project goals within the specified time. Chapman (1996) describes project management as the process and activities of planning, organizing, and controlling resources and protocols to achieve specific objectives.

What was the most surprising thing you learned about project management and why?

My tenure as a project manager, the most surprising thing I have learned about project management is everything to do with motivation. As a project manager, I believe that the success of any project is dependent on the members who are committed to achieving project goals. Achieving the set objective requires teamwork of all the members and to their professionalism.  The emerging theories on how motivation influences project success was thus a big surprise. A good example is the theory of equity, which states that designing a motivation mechanism to impress all the members, which, to me, is a well-thought strategy to improve communication.

What was the most challenging concept studied?

The most challenging concept I studied during my College studies was the concept of controlling cost. The concept proved challenging because it involved the handling of sophisticated methodologies and detailed paperwork to avoid erroneous activities. For example, I experienced difficulty in disaggregating the whole project in a single activity when I applied the cost by activity like the cost accounting.

What are you most likely to use as a current or future project manager?

The most important concept I will apply as a project manager is the project controlling concept. The controlling system saves a lot of money, valued resources, and energy. Control I generally strategic to the success of any project without wasting resources


Chapman, C., & Ward, S. (1996). Project risk management: processes, techniques, and insights. John Wiley.