Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Pinatex Business Plan

Executive Summary

Pinatex is a business that sells leather products such as shoes and handbags made from the pineapple leaves with an aim of providing durable products to its clients. The venture will be located in Los Angel’s central business district and it will target the millennial generation. Importantly, the enterprise will incorporate online marketing and retailers to expand its commercial base and have a competitive edge over its competitors such as Shoemaker, Tex, and Sons, Inc.

Pinatex Business Plan

A business plan is an important document in a venture since it outlines the project’s goals, visions, and financial requirements for the business (Bewayo 2). Therefore, this paper precisely examines the business plan for Pinatex enterprise dealing in leather products.

Name and Product Description of the Business

The business will be known as Pinatex and will sell leather products such as shoes, and handbags with an aim of providing durable products to its clients. Importantly, the commodities will be developed from pineapple leaves, hence, the name Pinatex.

Business Location

The business will be located at the central business district of Los Angel since the area is the second populous city after New York and the majority of the millennials’ reside next to the area to reduce transportation costs (Abu-Lughod &Janet 7). Additionally, the place is strategically located and has always been referred to as a business hub by many investors. 

Market Analysis

Being located in Los Angel, the primary competitor is Shoemaker, Tex, and Sons, Inc. which is the major supplier of leather products in Southern California.

Marketing and Sales Competitive Analysis

Due to numerous competitors, some of the marketing strategies to be incorporated include online promotions as numerous individuals own smartphones, thus, are able to order commodities through the internet (Schwarzl, Susanne, and Monika 188). Further, the business will incorporate retailers to expand its commercial area. 

Target Population

The business targets the millennial generations that are presumed to be fashionable and tend to incorporate current trends of fashions by providing sustainable leather products (Fenich et al 238). 

Financial Forecast and Requirements

The business will entail the fixed and variable costs that will aid in determining the viability of the venture.

Online Advertisement$60, 000
Legal charges$12,000
Office rent$30,000
Working capital$80,000
Product creation$1,250,000

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