Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Picking Technology in Logistics

Picking Technology in Logistics

Logistics is the general procedure of obtaining, stockpiling, and transporting resources to their endpoint. Thus, this sophisticated process requires keenness and application of the right technology to aid in the required operations. Proper technique is likely to improve efficiency and, thus, uplift the customer’s satisfaction.  Hence, before a logistical firm picks the technology to apply in its operations, it needs to consider several factors.

The first factor is the cost of the technology to be applied. Setting a budget is always a priority. The current value and the payback period have to be considered. Integration is another essential factor that influences the choice of the logistics technology. The selected system must be easy to integrate into the existing practice without leading to a massive overhaul of machinery and the personnel required.  

The implementation process is another primary factor considered when choosing the technology to apply in logistics. The management must always assess how easy the technology is to learn, how much time will be needed for it to be fully operational, and how vigorous the implementation process will be (Dregger, Niehaus, Ittermann, Hirsch-Kreinsen, & ten Hompel, 2018). The staff has to be involved in the assessment to be aware of the new technology and be ready to get training. The right hardware to support the software must be properly chosen before implementation.

            Another critical assessment before picking the best technology is checking its viability and suitability for the firm. Does it fit the needs of the company and the demands of the customers? Do other trade partners employ the same for the operations to be efficient? If the technology to be adopted meets the requirements above, it will be deemed viable for implementation.


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