Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Goals of the Federal Acquisition Process

Goals of the Federal Acquisition Process

            Federal acquisition process (FAP) is a critical departmental procedure that enables the federal government meet its various objectives and obligations. When effectively undertaken under the provided federal acquisition regulations (FAR) and guidelines, FAP allows the federal government to acquire affordable and high quality products and services. Moreover, effectively executed FAP ensures that the federal government acquires products and services by following fair competition practices in addition to meeting the societal needs. FAP also ensures that the goods and services acquired by the federal government are customized according to the existing societal culture and environmental needs. Deviating from the laid down FAP systemic rules and procedures can lead to conflicts not only domestically but internationally especially when it comes to the country’s international diplomatic relations and treaties. Domestically, it ensures that the federal government maintains a good working relationship with the domestic business community. In addition, FAP allows the country to align its policies with international laws which are important in shaping the country’s culture and the existing social and environmental issues globally.

            Contracting knowledge and competencies are critical in achieving the primary objectives of FAP. A deeper understanding of contracting procedures ensures that federal acquisitions regulations and guidelines are meticulously followed. It enables the authorities and personnel involved to develop effective working relationships with the business community to avoid conflicts (Chandler, 2016). Working relationships are critical when it comes to purchasing high quality goods and services. However, successful FAP is also dependent on the ability to collaborate with the business community and other departments. Collaboration and monitoring ensure that the purchased goods are customized to meet the outlined social, cultural and environmental needs of the society at a fair price. Monitoring, collaboration and relationships allow the federal government to manage risks during the acquisition process while also making informed tradeoffs and inspiring innovation (Fox, 2016).     


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