Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business

Code of ethics to my employees in my business have opened in college.


Devotion towards maintaining high level of integrity in our services to enhance a good rapport with our clients. High standard of confidentiality in the business towards protection of personal information when serving clients.


We provide a work-friendly environment that enhances respect, formality and equality. We are expected to conduct the services in a trustworthy and honorable manner. This is enhanced in our extensive trainings for assistance and advice inof moral development.Our duty of care ensures pertinentlaws that do not violate humanrights. Maximum integrity and moral in property protection is required.


We charge fees at relatively competitive prizes. This is in consideration of our client’s available timescales and modest. Our fees are pocket friendly to accommodate each and every of our client.


Our payment mode is flexible as possible on how will be charging our clients. Some prefer instant fee payment to retainers but our payment is in monthly net payment. Will try to best fit to our client’s quest.

Quality assurance

We encourage frequent meetings aimed at evaluation of our activities.

The contract will be in the form of a detailed scheme so as to cater for all our client’s requirements. This is to ensure perpetual offering of quality services to our clients

In comparison to my two classmates an ideal code of ethics guides the employers on how to handle different circumstances while working .It also exhibits the organization’s value in integrity as well as a great pillar in decision making. Therefore, managers should  ensure that the code of ethics in their businesses is well implemented and this promotes transparency in their work