Sample Business Studies Critical Thinking Paper Summary on Global Marketing

Global Marketing

India is one of the emerging economies in the world. With a GDP of $4.735 trillion recorded in 2012, the country offers a great opportunity for investment. This GDP is the fourth highest in the world in a country that has the second largest population in the world. The high population is also connected to a vast labor force comprising of 498.4 million in 2012. The strength of the labor force is also the second largest in the world, which is comparable to the population size in the country. Currently, India has a population of more than 1.273 people and is considered to rise even further. The population comprises of a ratio of approximately 677 million men versus 596 million women.

The majority of the population lies between 15 to 65 years with an old age dependency of 0.08. The population growth rate is estimated to be 1.5 percent for the period between 2011 and 2015 and is expected to rise. On the other hand, the labor force is growing at the rate 2 percent. The life expectancy for males in India is approximated to be between 64 and 66.4 years while that for women is between 66.8 and 68.7 years (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2011).

Due to the economic conditions of the country, conducting business in India is currently difficult. Out of 185 world economies, India ranks at number 132 in economy and 105 in terms of electricity connection levels (The World Bank, 2013). Moreover, the country also has bureaucratic procedures for business licensing. The procedure involves 12 stages and takes approximately 28 days to complete. On the other hand, credit access and investor protection are relatively easy, rankling 23rd and 49th globally among the 185 nations. Construction permits and contract enforcement are however the greatest challenges to business in India.


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