Sample Business Studies Coursework Paper on Identifying Writing Principles for Personal Improvement


In creative writing, precision captures the gist of the matter under discussion. Specificity saves the reader time from reading through bulk literature. Specificity in business writing eliminates ambiguity and closes the author’s intentions from the readers’ perceptions hence eliminating the risk of misconception (Jonathan 18). For example, when preparing a job description for a college calculus lecturer with experience in excess of 10 years, but limit the description to “math” lecturer, job applications will be received from unqualified candidates, some being irrelevant for the role. Vague ideas make the writer look superficial and non-committal at what they are expressing. In precision writing, superlatives should be avoided as it devalues the authority of the message communicated.

Control Paragraph Length

The length of a paragraph is important in capturing and, or creating the initial impression of the text. Ideally, a paragraph should contain a single idea that is discussed exhaustively. It should include at least four sentences. Paragraphs are usually commensurate with the length of the essay written. Shorter essays demand the use of short paragraphs while longer essays demand longer paragraphs (Jonathan 51). However, when writing essays restrain and summary skills have to be exercised to ensure that a single paragraph captures an entire idea. In this case, subsequent paragraphs will reinforce ideas highlighted in the initial paragraph. If a paragraph expressed more than one idea, the writer should re-examine the topic sentence and consider separating the ideas in the paragraph. Neatly organized paragraphs are more appealing to the reader, despite the content they contain.

Be Accurate

Proper use of grammar is fundamental to communication. Correct grammar ensures the recipients easily understand the sent message. Write-ups full of grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes end up conveying a different message. These errors slow down the reader in completion of the text and understanding the message. Correct grammar aligns the reader to think logically and develop fluency in reading and writing. Furthermore, it gives the writer or speaker an element of authenticity and command in a certain field. To remedy grammatical errors, one has to practice grammar immensely and proofread work before submission


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