Sample Business Studies Coursework Paper on Corporate culture

Corporate culture

On the account of the company being detail oriented, it means that our business has a well laid out strategic goals and objectives which are well documented by the corporation and  has appropriate timeline for execution. The comprehensiveness of the whole organizational set up makes it be quite detailed. The company has also been quite innovative by being adaptable to the various changes that occur in the whole context of organizational change. The company has made sure that it improvises on the different technological advancements that come with the dynamisms of the industry. This notion is evident where the corporation has tried to inculcate the inception of the enterprise resource planning that is deemed to be quite important in making sure that the firm has a formidable information system.

With the team oriented stance, the employees have been able to work in harmony with a high level of coordination. This teamwork is seen in the way the company has tried to maintain a low employee turnover where the employees find this organization as the best place to be. The company is also deemed to get the best results for every adventure that it has on board.  Furthermore, the company embraces the needs and the wants of the various parties concern with keen attention to the brilliant ideas that they bring to the enterprise. The cooperation from different stakeholders makes allows for the enterprise to have a good reputation and rapport with the general public.

A closer look at the Google search on the quiz on the corporate culture ( 23312.html) the standard examination that have been postulated here are almost the same as those in the textbook. However, there is a difference that is seen is where the quiz in the Google platform is enough current in term of the issues it asks and gives a wider perspective of the whole organizational culture. Here it goes beyond the notion of just looking at the corporate surrounding, but it also captures the needs of the employees and blends it with the variety of theories of the metaphorical perception of an organization to enhance the culture.