Sample Business Studies Coursework Paper on An argument in Defense of Globalized Health Sector

Globalization has influenced the way individuals work. It has caused a radical change within an organization that has prompted an adjustment in their employment policies. Doctors are the latest victims of globalization.

The strikes organized by medical professionals are exhibition of the National Health Service (NHS) staff’s dissatisfactions of the evolving working environment.  The staff is required by newly formulated policies to make huge efficiency savings, which is not in proportion to their annual salary. The latest conflict is the planned introduction of a seven-day service of the junior doctors. The implementation of the long working hours of the junior doctors is due to shortages of medical professionals who have moved to countries like Canada.  

The increasing globalization of the medical profession has also impacted the medical regulation within the country. The regulation follows the influx of the country with medical professionals from third world countries. A globalized labor market that has allowed qualified American doctors to move to other nations. Nonetheless, the U.S. government can replace them with qualified medics from countries facing economic crisis and austerity. The influx of employees has forced the policymakers and physicians to implement policy initiatives to integrate IMGs and ameliorate the shortage of physicians. These policies include policies for licensures and formulation of methods to ensure the competence of medical professionals. The policies also regulate the issuance of practicing certificate and maintains practice standards, which ensures the safety of patients. 

Globalization has come along with changes for the health professionals. The health sector has been forced to adjust to the newly formulated policies to meet modern global demands. The changes prove that the doctors are affected by globalization despite their expertise privilege.

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