Sample Business Studies Article Review Paper on Apple Inc, in 2015

Sample Business Studies Article Review Paper on Apple Inc, in 2015


Apple has enjoyed a competitive advantage over other companies that produce the same products for many years. Apple was the first company to produce computers with their operating system, software, and hardware, whereas other companies were using window based systems. Apple’s flexibility to market dynamics is the main advantage it has over other competitors. Apple produces many products, for instance, iPad, iPod, and iPhone, which account for a large percentage of its sales. The company has a closed-door policy, which makes it hard for competitors to access and steal the technology they use to make smartphones. Apple also produces products based on the needs and preferences of potential customers, and this has made it stay ahead of others.


The entry of competitors, for instance, IBM was the cause of the Apple’s struggle in the personal computer industry. The IBM PC used a Microsoft operating system and a microprocessor, which was an open system that other producers could clown. The IBM PC took a large market share and became a new standard for the PC industry, thus leading to the fall of Apple sales. Apple tried to overcome the competition by introducing Macintosh, but its slow processor, speed, and incompatibility limited the sales.


Apple has a good competitive position in the Smartphone industry despite the competition that the company is facing from Android. The introduction of the Apple watch will bring Smartphone application close to the user unlike other companies have done. This will make the company able to maintain its position in the market because the watch will allow flexibility. The Company is future oriented by the fact that it looks at the market dynamics and produces what customers will need in the future.


 Apple watch has fitness tracking features, which allow flexibility and brings applications that are in other Smartphone products to the user’s wrist. Tim Cook has taken the right approach by introducing the Apple watch that will enable users to access maps and directions, and control their phone, music players without the need to pick their phones. Users will be able to receive notifications about upcoming events, emails, and text messages, without looking at their Smartphones (Yoffie and Baldwin 14). This is a major product that will revolutionize the Smartphone industry and bring many services close to users.

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