Sample Business Studies Argumentative Essay Summary on Business’s Responsibility is to Produce Profit

Business’s Responsibility is to Produce Profit

Sample Business Studies Argumentative Essay on Business’s Responsibility Is to Produce ProfitThe objective of any business is to produce profit. This is because investors put in their capital to realize capital growth. A profitable business grows due to its capacity to attract investors while also expanding it capability of attaining funds through borrowing. As profits grow, businesses also grow in their ability to repay debts, making it possible to be funded by other ventures. All business people focus their resources towards where there are societal needs (Miller, 2015). Because of this, businesses are started only in locations where there are possibilities of purchase. Most businesses are run with the objective of turning into corporate through investment in other countries as well. High demand makes people invest only in products that the customers demand in large amounts. As a result, they gain profits that enable them to grow. However, growth is only possible where the profits are sufficient.

Some people however start businesses with the objective of getting away from the confines of employment. Such people feel that businesses can give them the desired level of adventure regardless of the amount of profit earned. Such people are characterized by boldness and self belief that no matter what the risks may be, businesses are worth trying. Some businesses run as corporate social businesses whose aims are to offer services to the community rather than to make profits (Mohammed, 2015). However, the services offered may at times result in profits for the businesses. In addition to this, corporate responsibility may not involve costs but results in profits at times. Profits in such businesses are expected but the businesses must be run critically as they offer investment opportunities for investor, employee and customer satisfaction.



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