Sample Business Studies Admission Essay Paper on Statement of Purpose in the LIU Brooklyn MBA Program

            The desire to accomplish my professional goals and prove my greatness in the business field has been my urge since I got introduced to the component of business administration. The mental capability to address challenges with the appropriate reasoning and logic greatly supports me towards accomplishing my objective. I decided to pursue business administration in college as my optional course to set the foundation for my future goals. Joining the LIU Brooklyn is a significant step and as an individual with a great love for business management, I embraced this program. I particularly have a significant interest in how business operations are addressed. I chose the business management course which provides a broad scope of research activities that directly link with my ambitions of an M.S. Degree. I have learned significant principles in college regarding this field and it has vastly enhanced my visions of achieving higher education.

            As a business administration student, I am familiar with the fact that practical experiences and work are more vital compared to theoretical education, as this profession entails extensive research as well as experimentations. I have also learnt the requirements for a business to thrive for instance effective communication strategies, adequate planning as well as teamwork. I, therefore, worked hard in my academics to ensure I scored over eighty percent in all my college years. I was appointed the class representative since the first year and this also granted me a sense of duty and responsibility which is an essential requirement in this field. The lecturers noticed my unique capabilities and they would request me to perform business administrative experiments in class to guide and teach other students. Such opportunities further gave me insight into handling business operations as well as the major challenges that would arise from them. Such experiments further raised my urge to pursue a career with a global focus and to achieve this goal. I require a global education to establish a more international perception. The LIU Brooklyn MBA Program is, therefore, an essentials step towards attaining adequate preparation to achieve my future objectives.

            I prefer joining the LIU Brooklyn MBA Program based on its excellent accounts and recommendations as well as the effective research facilities with a unique and committed faculty. My enrollment in your highly recognized and esteemed university will be of great significance to my career as a future business manager. My theoretical and practical expertise linked with my honesty and commitment well equips me to meet your requirements and expectations. I am vastly confident that if I successfully join the LIU Brooklyn MBA Program, I will truly satisfy the institution’s expectation and give my best to further boost excellence. I therefore eagerly wish that, my application is accepted and that I will join your unique academic society. After completing my MBA program at LIU Brooklyn, I believe I will have acquired significant business administration skills and expertise.

             In conclusion, I strongly believe that the LIU Brooklyn MBA Program will offer me the relevant skills I need and prepare me for my future managerial responsibilities in a multinational firm. For any business to run effectively, organizations require to consistently improve quality for both the business and individuals levels. I desire to work for excellent companies as a business manager, a responsibility that requires exceptional business planning as well as effective communication skills and thus will substantially benefit from the LIU Brooklyn MBA Program.