Sample Business Research Paper on Creative problem solving for managers


  • What elements make that organization creative?
  • How has creativity and innovation contributed to the organization’s competitive advantage in the marketplace?
  • You can also provide some recommendations from the group on potential opportunities they may have to increase the success they have been having.
  • Use three scholarly resources, one of which may be the text.
  • You will also want to use your organization’s website to support your position, and use charts, graphics, and metrics to add to the details in this paper.



Rough Idea:

  • Company Website Review (Amazon Prime)
    • Is it easy to use? Creative? Interactive?
    • We can do a comparison between Wayfair’s website and Amazon Prime website. What is Amazon’s website strengths compared to Wayfairs, what is Amazon’s weakness
  • Potential Creative Opportunities
    • Recommendation
  • Metrics:
    • Comparison: Pandemic, Post Pandemic (how many active users)
    • You may add


Important Note:

  • Use APA
  • Introduction is not needed
  • Conclusion is not needed
  • Only do the highlighted part
  • Use 2 or 3 scholar resource


Proctor, T. (2019). Creative problem solving for managers. Routledge.