Sample Business Paper On Nike Inc.

Homework Question on Nike Inc.

  • Research Nike Inc. Use the Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses Readings (see attached files). Also conduct additional research beyond this resource through Internet resources.
  • Identify the following:
  1. The company’s mission and vision The company’s internal and external stakeholders SWOT analysis on the company Based on the information you acquired through your research:
  2. Identify (or develop your own) strategic goal for your chosen company
  3. Create a strategic plan to achieve this goal. Identify (or develop your own) operational goal for your chosen company. Create an operational plan to achieve this goal.
  • Write a memo of no more than 1,400 words to your training manager that includes:
  • Your research including the mission, vision, stakeholders, and SWOT analysis. A description of your strategic and operational goals and plans.
  • A description of how the plans will achieve the related goals is required. A description of how your planning decisions will affect the internal and external stakeholders identified.
  • Cite your research including the SWOT Analysis and at least four research articles to support your writing Format your citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.
  • The rest of the memo should be formatted in a way that best suits the material. You may include visuals, tables, etc. to meet the parameters of the assignment.

Homework Answer on Nike Inc.   


Nike is an American based company that deals with designing, developing, as well as marketing accessories, equipment, and footwear. Nike was founded in the year 1964 in Beaverton, Oregon where it is headquartered. Nike revealed in their official website that it had about 56,500 employees across the world by mid of 2014. In the year 204, Nike was ranked first in the world in regards to selling athletics footwear.

In the world of sports, Nike specializes in producing footwear products for the following categories: soccer, basketball, golf, running, together with the action sports. In addition, Nike also provides products that target children together with some other recreational activities such as walking and wrestling. Nike explores different forums in selling its products such as licensed independent distributors, retail shops, Nike official website among the rest (Arnold, 2014).

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Nike Vision and Mission

The mission of the Nike is to bring both the inspiration and motivation to all the athletes across the world. It only means that Nike strives at becoming a household product for every athlete globally. On the other hand, the vision of Nike is to build a sporting community for sustainable positive social changes across the world (Elkatawneh, 2014).