Sample Business Paper on Improving Employees Performances

Laverne Wilson is the new executive housekeeper at a hotel known as Melrose and on the first day, she learns that things are not good in the department (Woods, Johanson and Sciarini 254). The main entrance and the lobby are littered and the trash cans available are overflowing. Laverne also noted that the comments in the guest cards revealed more trouble in the housekeeping department. Some of the complaints included stained linens, soiled stationery and missing property (belonging to the guests). The last factor that influenced Laverne to take action was the performance appraisals of the staff working at the housekeeping department (Woods et al. 254). While the situation at hand was worse, the appraisals told a totally different story.

Laverne decides to solve the problem by setting-up a meeting with the various supervisors from the department. She went ahead to lecture the supervisors and stated her demands. Laverne should have approached the situation in a different way, such as enquiring from the supervisors about the cause of the situation (Woods et al. 256). Instead, Laverne seems to set her rules and asks the supervisors to follow them without listening to their side of the story or opinions. Communication is a key aspect in performance management, as such, it should be a consideration if change is to be experienced (University of Washington n.p.).

Consequently, Laverne needs to work with the supervisors differently in order to improve the employees’ performances in housekeeping. She should set goals and make the necessary changes to the performance appraisal with each supervisor. Settings of such goals help improve performance and are also important in preparing a performance appraisal (UCR, Human Resources 4). Once the goals are set, she should do a follow-up on the three supervisors. Accordingly, Lavern should also provide the supervisors and their workers with all the tools needed to improve their performance.

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