Sample Business Paper On E-Marketing

Homework Question on E-Marketing

  • The 3 paragraphs should separately be about:
  1. Social Media (how it helps business growth)
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Email Marketing and one reference to support each of these paragraphs will be great. and the structure of each paragraph should be general and recommending how some businesses can gain profit & customers by using these 3 recommendations

Homework Answer on E-Marketing

Emarketing is an undertaking that can help businesses to increase their customer traffic, thereby reaping profits. Emarketing in this case refers to the use of the internet and other digital platforms that have the capability of reaching the mass market and serve as value additions to traditional marketing means irrespective of the business size and type. It provides an easier way to strategize and market business products in a cost-effective way since it uses marketing and promotions on the internet, which majority of potential clients access regularly.

This being the case, this paper will try to address how marketing means, including social media, online marketing, and email marketing help businesses to grow. Social media is one of the platforms that businesses can embrace to boost their growth and profitability. By definition, social media entails a collection of online communication platforms that are dedicated to provide interaction and collaboration of information and include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others (Orsburn 118-122).

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Through effective social media marketing, a business is able to benefit greatly since the business is able to contact potential clients who may not have been reached by other marketing means. By positioning a business or a product in the social media, exposure of the product is increased, thus creating awareness to potential clients who may not have heard of the product. At the same time, increased traffic regarding the product leads to the development of loyal fans/clients that support the business.