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Homework Question on Culture Differences

  1. Training Employees for Culture Differences Share some ideas about how a company could better prepare associates for business across cultures. List several resources that businesses could utilize.
  • This will be a working document that will be added to throughout the term. Feel free to refer back to this wiki and the resources when working on your final project. Example: InterNations is an online organization that helps establish relationships with a variety of international members.
  • This has become a great resource for expatriates in the international market. There are a number of tools and resources available through this website.
  • In particular, there is a guide tool available with information on a number of countries and cities, including moving tips. (You will want to share specific examples of information from this resource.)

Homework Answer on  Culture Differences  

Organizations are conducting their businesses on a global platform where they interact with an array of clients from across the board. This implies that the stakeholders are exposed to various norms and cultural settings with the environment they interact with (Ferraro 16). Therefore, it is important to train employees or the members of staff on culture differences to prepare them on various socio-cultural settings.

One of the most significant that the company should consider is enhancing diversity in their members of staff. Employing people from different cultures and beliefs makes them to acknowledge diversity in the society. This means that employing people who have similar beliefs will make them be skeptical to other cultures. Secondly, training is an important tool that can be used to create awareness. Educating people erodes the probability of ignorance and lack of information among the employees.

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This aids in creating a global mind-set among the employees so that they cannot view their firm as local, but that accommodates a global arena. The third most probable method of preparing associates for culture diversity is initiating exchange programs. An exchange program is important to ensure that employees integrate with others from other employees in other parts of the world through exchange programs (Ferraro 49).