Sample Business Memo Paper on Co-Worker’s Habitual Late coming

Business Memo

TO:                Mark Smith, Human resource manager

FROM:          (Name)

SUBJECT:  Co-Worker’s Habitual Late coming

CC:              The Supervisor

I have written this memo to bring to the attention of the human resource manager the issue of late-coming by my co-worker, Ms Brown. She has been coming late for the past four months and despite confronting her directly about this matter, she has refused to change. This has greatly affected my work because most of the time, my co-workers and myself have had to stand in for her until she arrives.

Ms. Brown’spersistent late arrival for work has always forced our supervisor to call other employees to stand in for her until she arrives. This creates an inconvenience for my fellow coworkers, disrupting our programs and causing overtime expenses for the employer since we have to be paid for the extra time services that we offer. Attendance at the workstation on time and as required is a central element of the obligation of any employee’s job description.

Arriving on time at the work place should be a priority for any employee. It shows dedication to work and even the interest that one has towards his/her work. Punctuality ensures that operations go smoothly, and that employees are able to achieve high levels of productivity in their tasks. Ms. Brown’s lateness is causing stress on our part and lowering our performances. With this in mind, I have some suggestions to ensure that punctuality is observed:

  • Signing of attendance register
  • 15 minutes lateness must be explained verbally to the supervisor
  • 1 hour lateness must require a written explanation
  • Disciplinary actions for lateness or unauthorized absence
  • Regular checking of the register by supervisor.

We are privileged to be working in this company. We are determined to ensure increased performance and a favorable working environment. This memo, therefore, is aimed at suggesting ways of improving our performance as a company. For any clarification or inquiry on the content of this memo, I can be reached through my number, (insert phone number).

Yours Faithfully,