Sample Business Management Coursework Paper on Meta-Model

Do you think use of this Meta-Model is an effective application towards an organizational change initiative?

            Managing change in an organization is a complicated procedure and many issues arise as the organization’s rules, roles, parties and stems link together in various ways. The consequences, therefore, are that even the small changes can result in significant disruptions as the effects are not foreseen. Administrating an organization’s components, therefore, can vastly complicate the use of tools and models and thus there is the need for applying the Meta-Model to achieve organizational change effectively. The Meta-Model empowers the worker’s systems and this makes it easy to impart changes. The Meta-Model entails a collaborative initiative and encourages effective communication and consensual ideas and decisions in an organization, and this further makes it easy for changes to be implemented. The model also encompasses principles that support change management plans in an organization.

 Do you agree/disagree with the following comment and why:”

            I agree with the comment because for an organization to successfully implement changes,   the management needs to understand the reason why employees exhibit resistance. Taking time to figure these reasons would enable the administration to get to the root of the issues and thus solving them and implementing changes would be simplified. Establishing change strategies too fast without creating awareness to the employees could not only frustrate them but also make them lose their morale and loyalty, and this could negatively affect the organization’s productivity. Organizations should therefore consider creating communication channels that ensure the employees are kept updated regarding any changes, to make them feel part of the firm and this boosts collaboration, making the change process more effective. The management should also take time before distributing any form of change to help the employees adapt to the new trends, and this boosts the chances of success when implementing the change process.