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Homework Question on Gay Marriage

  • Business law Many of the states having been adding law that makes same sex marriage legal. (Indiana is not one of them.) Not all businesses in the wedding industry are embracing the idea of assisting gay and lesbian couples in arranging their wedding ceremonies, however.
  •  An ethical dilemma is something that people have different ideas on its “rightness” or “wrongness.” For instance, if the assignment was to discuss stem cell research, you would have to discuss the pros and cons surrounding abortion (fetal stem cells are still among the richest), as well as whether it is alright to experiment on human beings at all. This paper is NOT about your particular opinion; after all, your opinion is your own to keep. The paper IS an exercise in learning to think outside the box, and becoming able to empathize and sympathize with others and their views.
  1. The more ethical dilemmas you can identify and discuss, the better your grade for the paper’s content will be.
  2. Besides identifying and discussing ethical dilemmas you should also apply the ethical theories (duty-based and outcomes-based) and social responsibility theories (stockholder and stakeholder) to the situations.
  3. Grammar, spelling and the appropriate use of citations/references (you will have at least one)will be graded. You should use the APA style of writing

Homework Answer on Gay Marriage

The ethical dilemma surrounding gay marriage is not about to go away any time soon. As the number of states allowing gay couples to form civil unions or marry increases, so too does the pressure from those opposed to gay marriage. This opposition mainly emanates from Christians and moral ethicists who argue that same sex marriage contravenes the very doctrine that they believe in (Koppel & Jones, 2013).

Presently, even wedding professionals including photographer, cake bakers and florists are backing at gay weddings because to them engaging in wedding arrangements is against their Christian values that only recognises a union between a man and a woman. These wedding planners find themselves caught up in an ethical dilemma. On the one hand, they are intent on upholding their Christian values by seeking not to take part in helping organise a gay wedding.

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On the other hand, some states have already legalised gay marriage and by refusing jobs on religious grounds, these businesses could likely faced legal challenges.Various ethical theories could be applied to argue for or against this ethical dilemma involving gay marriage. One such theory is the duty versus outcome theory. Duty based ethics hinges on the fundamental theory of duty in spite of the likely consequences of action taken.