Sample Business Essays On “Let My People Go Surfing”

Homework Question on Let My People Go Surfing

  • After reading Let My People Go Surfing you must write Yvonne A LETTER(minimum) of 5 pages
  • Double-spaced
  • Expressing your opinion on 3 current Patagonia business practices and 2 early decisions Yvonne made that you agree or disagree with.
  • You must explain your opinion on each practice and decision.
  • Be creative in the way you write and structure the letter.
  • The final part of the letter will be your decision to either purchase or decline the offer to purchase 51% of Patagonia.
  • Your reasons can be financial, social, operational, character, strategy, Porters …. there are no right or wrong answers but make sure to provide a well thought out decision and supporting facts.


  • Do NOT retell the story
  • Weaving in The Triple Bottom Line and Corporate Social Responsibility is encouraged
  • You may use current research on Patagonia

Homework Answer on Let My People Go Surfing

Responsible Company Management

There are many business guru who are well respected globally, in places where people may not even know who Yvon is and what he does. He is simply a man who ventured out to do what he loves and by believing in himself he has succeeded in building a multi-million business venture. Not many business can compare to Patagonia with all that it has achieved and the inspirations it has brought to various city. Patagonia ensures that the supply chain from that feeds it does not interfere with the natural environment.

According to Yvon, one should never leave traces of his presence when he visits nature, and that means that nature must never be disturbed but should be left the way it is. To help preserve the environment, the company’s production is never driven by the need to produces what is in the fashion or what is trending but have made a business decision to only produce what is needed. This still did not make his min d to relax but he still wondered what effects the company’s products were havingon the environment.

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This made the businessman to move the company from using industrial cotton and searched for more environment friendly raw materials. The company is said to question its supply chain from the source of the raw materials up to the point of finished products.Another aspect of self-examination in the decisions made in the company is seen by its decision to work on the sustainability index of the clothing products from the company.