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Homework Question on Uber

  • Ten page paper on the company Uber or Lyft.
  • You will need a cover page,
  1. Report on the company (how they are doing) background of the company(where they originated and how long they’ve been around)
  2. What the service they provide is,
  3. financial fiscal impact,
  4. Do the majority of people value this company? Add additional info to make it a long paper but those are basic guideline

      Homework Answer on Uber


Uber Company is a worldwide transportation network. It was established as UberCab in 2009 by Garrett Campin the United States. The Uber facilities and mobile applications were formally inaugurated in 2011 in San Francisco in the US. In 2011, the Company changed its name from UberCab to Uber. Originally, Ryan Grave was selected to be the Chief Executive Officer;nevertheless, Kalanick substituted him in the same year. The Company is still developing globally; it has been receiving disagreements with government and taxi companies in the areas it functions. For instance, the Company was prohibited by the government in Berlin while it stood actively in other German cities. Uber is a ride-sharing company, which has become more polarizing over the last few years.

Taxi drivers in some countries have termed Uber Company as a dangerous, greedy competitor and have appealed to lawmakers to find ways of closing it down. The reason behind taxi drivers’ claims is that Uber Company seems to overtake them as passengers prefer their services (Day 72). Inappropriately, public debate environing Uber has for a long time produced more heat, enlightening little concerning the company’s net effect on significant public goods and values. Uber’s victory stems from having formed a more effective market for the car hire services. Moreover, from its apparent positive impacts on client’s welfare, Uber’s fractional integration of the car-hire sector and the company filling of information on passengers’ and drivers’ conduct,enhances safety and avoids discrimination alongside passengers with comparative ease.

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Self-Driving Car Research

In 2015, Uber Company declared coaction with Carnegie Mellon to begin an Uber Advanced Technologies Centre. This fresh facility in Pittsburgh was intended to support research in the growth of self-driving vehicles. The company declared the initial customer trial of independent taxis which was intended to function by August 2016in Pittsburgh. Nonetheless, customer trial was overtaken by nuTonomy, which established the initial public trial of electric self-driving cabs in Singapore in August 2016.Uber founded its initial self-driving car services to operate in Pittsburgh from September 2016. The Company has a numerous number of Ford Fusion cars each fitted with radar apparatus, twenty cameras, GPS and seven lasers (Wickstead 249-271). These featuresenhance the ability of the car to form a three-D map employing landmarks and other related info to maintain its position. Moreover, the company has launched an Advanced Technology Centre to improveits operations in the Strip District at Pittsburgh.