Sample Business Essay Summary on Cigarettes Advertisements

Cigarettes Advertisements

Cigarettes have been found to be harmful to a person’s health. People across all age groups are at risk of being affected by many respiratory diseases as a result of smoking. The risk of cigarette use is well understood by the cigarette users. The youths and others however, have little regard for the warnings concerning health risks associated with cigarette use. Through an interview, water is reported to be a significant component of human life. This is based on the argument that more than 98 percent of the human body is comprised of water (You tube 6). According to Dr. Emoto who gave the interview, the use of water in the body helps in the improvement of health and the lifestyle of cigarette users. In the contemporary world, the dependence on water is great. The interview indicated that there are other benefits of water. One of them is that belief plays a crucial role in the role played by water in the life of the users. This can be taken to mean that people who use spiritually blessed water who believe that the water has curative purposes have no grounds for scientific exploration.

It is clear that the anti- cigarette use advertisements have little effects on the cigarette users, particularly youths. For instance, one advert in Canada says that cigarettes reduce the life span of human beings. From the adverts, even though humans might stop cigarette use, they would still die early. The advert is one of those that have affected the health of the public in a negative way. Instead of providing warnings against cigarette use, the advert seems to encourage societal use of cigarettes. The advert discourages people through the reduction of hopefulness in long life. The advert should focus on the number of years that can be reduced through continued use of cigarettes (Bodie 6).


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