Sample Business Courseworks Paper on Business Romancing social Networks

Business romancing social networks

In his article, Tony Byrne provides rich insights concerning the use of social media in the business context. He talks exhaustively about the use of internal collaboration and social networking technology. Tony contends that social media can be adapted inside the company; it can be used to perform various functions, for example, supporting the company employees and exchanging different ideas. Byrne explains that the most effective tools that can be used for the purpose of networking and collaboration in the company are Blogs, Wikis, micro blogging, forums, and file sharing. Before using the tools, it is advisable to figure out what needs to be accomplished from a business perspective; this may include creating a knowledge base, brainstorming of new ideas, and managing projects more effectively.

Lou Dubois is instrumental in talking about how location-based social networks can be used in business. Location-based social networks have the potential of adding more value to your business; this is because they function as an endorsement when customers check in and increase the engagement between the customer and the client. Before companies and business implement the location-based social network, it is important for them to listen and learn. Another important thing is for the business and company to get involved in the process, and after this, they can create the needed content.

The articles by Lou and Tony are rich in information and are highly insightful in analysis of social media as a business component. It is a fact that inventions of technology affect the business world. In this era, digital technology companies have made major impacts, and businesses continue to use social media to share data, reach customers, and exchange different ideas.