Sample Business Case Studies Paper on Zappos Case Study

Zappos Case Study

  1. Zappos has been able to effectively implement social responsibility programs into its business through ensuring that its employees also participate in the exercises. In addition, Zappos has developed relationships with various charitable organizations to assist the community. For instance, the company offers its assistance in certain areas, such as in nature, cancer care and research, education, pets, and poverty reduction (, 2015).

            The company has also collaborated with Goodie Two Shoes charitable organization to give new socks and shoes to disadvantaged children. On an annual basis, this charitable organization in conjunction with Zappos and other organizations donate, and distribute children’s footwear products to those that need them. Zappos has also uplifted the status of the City Hall in Las Vegas and assisted numerous college graduates in their startup businesses (, 2015).

  • Volunteer engagement programs and charitable giving have immensely assisted Zappos to nurture social responsibility. Hence, it has been able to create favorable relationships and partnerships with the community and other organizations in uplifting people out of poverty. Zappos has greatly enabled children to possess and wear shoes, which is a philanthropic activity, especially if these children attend schools because it is impossible for them to study without shoes (, 2015).

In addition, Zappos activities have boosted its corporate image and acted as a public relations function, which has attracted new customers to the company. The Las Vegas initiative has raised the company’s corporate standards because it has assisted many college graduates achieve their startup business dreams. In essence, the company could establish joint ventures with these graduates and expand its business operations, as well as increase revenues. Zappos should endeavor to pursue these programs since it will continue boosting the firm’s image (, 2015).

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