Sample Business Case Studies Paper on The Analysis of the Case on Managing People

Case Analysis

The Analysis of the Case on Managing People

Mars Incorporated is a classic example of how efficient human resource management policies can enhance the efficacy, competitiveness, and ensure continued existence of entities. Most of the HR practices at Mars are crucial in the maintenance of organizational cultures, quality production of commodities, and enhancing growth potentials. Without the stipulated HR practices, the success of Mars Incorporated is seriously under threat.

Furthermore, efficient management of people is crucial in enhancing the company’s effectiveness and increased satisfaction of different stakeholders such as customers. Mars attributes its market successes to its impressive management of people. The entity’s employees feel motivated to contribute towards the production of quality product segments. Attracting and retaining competent employees emanates from the effectual management of human resources. Other contributing factors include the organization’s emphasis on adhering to the culture of quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, autonomy. Most employees feel bounded by these common organizational cultural practices. Additionally, Mars Incorporated embraces diversity and engages individuals from various national languages, locations, consumer segments, and generations.

Mars’s organizational culture and Human Resource practices are effective and applicable in different workplace settings such as healthcare. For instance, healthcare facilities can adopt the culture of efficiency to ensure quality delivery of related services to clients. Moreover, Mars Incorporated offers impressive bonuses to the personnel to encourage their positive performances. Consequently, Mars is facing a comparatively low turnover rates and high rates of employees’ satisfaction. Indeed, a highly motivated workforce translates into positive work performances and enhanced profitability. Lastly, as a privately held entity and a family-owned company, Mars Incorporated’s primary objective is profit maximization. Indeed, such objectives may limit the successful development and application of different HR practices at the company.                   

Analyzing the case on HR in Small Business

Susan Dubin portrays desirable HR skills in the management of the small business. Firstly, she enjoys a positive attitude and the willingness to help other people. Based on stipulated description of the case, it is clear that Susan respects the unique scope of efficient HR management. In particular, she is capable of formulating relevant HR policies favorable to all relevant stakeholders such as the staff and consumers. Some of these policies include the introduction of different benefit programs such as raffle prizes and monthly luncheons to enhance employees and customer engagement.

Susan can develop and incorporate numerous Human Resource skills to manage the business. For instance, Susan can consider the expansion of dual focus skills, trust, and confidence in the innate abilities of the personnel. Correspondingly, she should advocate for improved working conditions among other important staff-related concerns. The successful enforcement of the selected management policies will help Susan to improve the company’s overall competitiveness. In essence, Susan’s primary aim should be to attract the conviction and self-belief from all the concerned stakeholders. Most of her decisions should integrate the varied concerns and beliefs from the personnel. In selected cases, Susan should provide detailed explanations behind some of her decisions or organizational choices to ensure an integrated workplace setting.

Undeniably, Susan’s job in small services company will be different in a larger manufacturing company while working in a similar position. In bigger companies, processes that are more bureaucratic imply more complexities and difficulties navigating the unique organizational maze. Furthermore, Susan will adopt solutions that are more specialized to implement the desired changes.