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Homework Question on Pride & Prejudice

The novel A Passage to India

  • Introduction
  • Explain or discuss the sides of Elizabeth’s character like (prejudice , pride , lovely , intelligent , quick-witted …Ect.) ..  Mention quotations about any side you discuss
  • conclusion

Homework Answer on Pride & Prejudice


The Pride & Prejudice novel centers on manners and was written by Jane Austen. The novel was published first in 1813 and the story follows Elizabeth Bennet, the main character as she deals with numerous issues. These issues include manners, education, morality, marriage, and upbringing in the landed gentry’s society of the famous British Regency. According to the reading, Elizabeth Bennet is the second oldest among the five daughters of Mr. Bennet, a country gentleman living in Longbourn (Austen 2).

In essence, the story is about the five unmarried daughters of Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet after the eligible and rich man named Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, his status-conscious friend move into their neighborhood. Subsequently, Bingley immediately grows a liking for Jane, the oldest Bennet daughter whereas Darcy has challenges trying to adapt to the local society and frequently clashes with Elizabeth (Austen 17).

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This study will discuss Elizabeth’s character and articulate on her mannerism since she had some challenges, which did not conform to the society’s norms.In Elizabeth’s blindest moments, she is particularly a dependable attractive character and she is specifically describes as being a beauty, as well as has exclusively expressive eyes. Nevertheless, what every person notices in her are her good sense and her spirited wit.