Sample Book Review Paper On Political Ideologies

Homework Question on Political Ideologies

Text book:Andrew Heywood, Political Ideologies

Everett and Charlton, Women Navigating Globalization

  • Please according to textbook and answer these three questions. Each question writes one paragraph, so total is 3 paragraphs.
  • One of the functions of ideology is a guide to how to construct the ideal society.  From the ideologies we have studied so far–traditional, liberal, fascist, neo-liberal, nationalist, and socialist:
  1. Which ideology do you think offers the best blueprint and why?
  2. Which ideology has the greatest potential for abuse? Give an example.
  3. What is the connection between the ideal society of your favorite ideology and how that society pursues world order?

Homework Answer on Political Ideologies

Question One

The only ideology that I find offering the best blueprint that guides towards the construction of an ideal society is liberalism. From other ideologies described in Jana Everett and Sue Ellen M. Charlton; traditional, fascist, neo-liberal, nationalist, and socialist, I find liberalism as the best ideology providing the best path towards an ideal society. As an ideology, liberalism advocates for liberty and equality in the society, ranging from freedom of speech, press, religion, markets, civil rights democracies as well international cooperation(Everett and Charlton 13).

From the book, the authors analyze the different elements that can drive to an ideal society ranging from human trafficking, water, work,and women’s health among others. In the four chapters, just before concluding into their scholarly analysis, they provide a clear explanation of how the above elements can be applied to different nations. In this sense, there is an explicit pictorial analysis on how such efforts towards advocating for liberty and equality can drive a country into a society where everyone is free to undertake his/her will.

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Considering the organization being addressed in the book, we realize that there were feminist radicalization with respect to gender roles, by then. An ideal society can be achieved in a situation where efforts are invested and geared towards creating a society characterized by sex equity. In other words, each gender has to be respected and granted the right level of freedom with regard to such aspects as speech, religion, politics and voting among others.