Sample Book Review Paper On “No Need to Call”

Homework Question on “No Need to Call”

  • Write a 300 words essay
  •  The book name is “That I say I say” 3 edition the article is “No need to call “Sherry Turkle page 373

Homework Answer on “No Need to Call”

In her article No Need to Call, Turkle has highlighted some of the problems facing the modern generation. The problems, she says, have been promoted by the addictive nature of texting and browsing among people. Online interactions, she says, have made it easier even for people who are shy to open up and say whatever is in their mind (Turkle 187).

The features available such as the edit, retype, and reflect help people to convey what they want to say without feeling shy or sorry about what has been said, the best part is that the person communicated to does not see the actions of the sender of the message.The writer argues that the ability to hide the actions makes it easier to open up when texting more than when calling a person.

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Online platforms have also given people opportunity to be whatever they want to be, and so the self confidence can be developed when texting, for example a jobless person may describe him or herself as a manager in some company. Turkle also asserts that making a call is more complex compared to messaging or emailing (Turkle 189). The last two have no period and can be done without being obstructed from what a person is currently doing.