Sample Book Review Paper On “Emotional Intelligence”

Homework Question on “Emotional Intelligence”

  • The book we will review is Emotional Intelligence. Below is an overview of how you will structure a book review. Click here for further details and requirements for the book review.
  • Book Review
  1. Describe the content of the book
  2. Evaluate the book’s success in accomplishing its intended purpose
  3. Recommend 3 proposed practical applications and/or innovative practices in the field of HRD or PTE for the content found within the book
  • Properly cite references, using APA format
  • PLUS – Include at least one example of each of the following citations: Midsentence citation (APA 6.03) End of sentence citation (APA 6.03) Block quote longer than 40 words (APA 6.03)
  • *criteria: – book review is to be 800 – 1000 words (maximum of 5 pages not including cover page)
  • Grading will be based on content as well as proper usage of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style

Homework Answer on “Emotional Intelligence”

Daniel Goleman is an author who has dedicated his studies on unearthing the aspect of emotional intelligence, and how it affects human interactions with other and the environment. He has authored a book called Emotional Intelligencein 2005 that delineates on how to work with the emotional intelligence. It is a comprehensive book that seeks to find the effective leadership skills by providing materials that Goleman (2005) says, “they are not taught in school.”

Therefore, this paper aims at reviewing, and describing the main content of this book, providing recommendations on its application in the human resource field, and the insights extracted from the book. According to this book, a person cannot manage to relate with the others without first understanding the definition of emotional intelligence in the most disseminated definition. “Emotional intelligence is the aptitude of perceiving emotions, identifying and producing emotions so as to frame the mind, understanding emotional knowledge, and regulate intellectual growth,” Goleman (2005).

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Personal sentiments and feelings always define a person’s emotional intelligence. The entire book revolves on explaining how personal attributes make a leader to be effective and to create a health rapport with the environment. According to Goleman (2005), the links to emotional intelligence are intertwined between recognizing and regulating the self and the social skills. Recognizing the self-part explains aids the individual in gaining awareness of how he or she acts in response to mental stimuli.