Sample Book Review On “Haneke the White Ribbon (2009)”

Homework Question on “Haneke the White Ribbon (2009)”

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Homework Answer on “Haneke the White Ribbon (2009)”

The movie is a white and a black German language film. Michael Haneke directs the film. The White Ribbon film mainly focuses on the German children; it also narrates the unexplained events of the families and society in the northern German village. The setting of the narration takes place before World War I. The movie is about the causes of evil that happen in the society.

Thememories of an elderlymancreatestories from theyearsthatheworked as a school teacher. Thefilmtookplace in between 1913 and 1914. The main characters are the doctor, the local pastor, the baron, the children, women and the peasant farmers. Thepastorteaches the confirmation. Thepastormakesthechildren toput on theribbons as a symbol of their purityandinnocence. Whenpastor’s son makes confession to the impure touching, the pastor ties the hands of the boy on the frame of the bed in every night that passes.

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The doctor’s wife died long time ago, the doctor is well- known of treating children with kindness, and however, he mistreats his house keeper. At one night, the doctor is found with his youngest daughter. The baron underwrites the villagers’ seasons of harvest. The relationship of Eva and the schoolteacher makes the schoolteacher to invite Eva’s family during a charismas break. The unexplained events that take place in the movie are; firstly a wire is placed in between two trees making the doctor fall from his horse. Secondly, the wife of the farmer suddenly dies at the saw mill her husband later hangs himself. Thirdly, the wife of the baron is in love with another person. Lastly, the daughter of the steward has bad dreams about the handicapped son of a midwife.