Sample Book Review On “Dreams of Trespass”

Homework Question on “Dreams of Trespass”

  1. What strategies do women take to challenge hudud in their lives?
  2. How do they find ways to express their longing for independence and liberation that they cannot openly express?
  3. You may want to consider the tapestry the women embroider, the way they dress (such as wearing their veil or caftan), and the stories and plays that are narrated and performed.

Homework Answer on “Dreams of Trespass”

Brief Discussion of the Topic Question

The book ‘Dreams of Trespass’ focuses on Fatima Mernissi, who is a young girl leading a life marred with gender, social, and cultural inequalities within the traditional Moroccan society. The Moroccan society comprises of harem that are described as disparaging and enchanting as the book seeks to affirm that daily experiences among Moroccan women are not considered to be imperative.

As a result, the book focuses on Fatima Mernissi as a young Muslim girl growing up in the company of her father,  mother, a brother and sister, grandmothers Lalla Mani and Yasmina, aunt Habiba, uncle Ali, and cousins Chama and Samir.She grows up in Morocco among a group of women striving to ensure the hudud, or sacred frontier they were expected to respect without questions, are destroyed as they believed this would prompt male counterparts to recognize them in equal regard within the Moroccan cultural society (Mernissi 20).

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Fatima Mernissi lived in a social setting she is constantly questioning her surroundings hoping her parents and relatives could provide viable answers. They were however keen on avoiding to answer her questions as harem did not encourage posing of queries that did not aim at providing an individual with skills and knowledge to understand the happenings across the surroundings. Thus, when Fatima Mernissi questioned the harem life settings, she did not acquire adequate answers, as she was required to understand how the surroundings ought to shape her life and being.