Sample Biology Research Paper Summary on Hemophilia


Healthcare has become more complex with the development of certain conditions that increase the difficulty involved in living a healthy lifestyle. For in case, many new illnesses have been discovered which were initially unknown. Some of the factors described as terminal illnesses have no curative measures but can be maintained throughout a patient’s life to ensure that the patients have a long and satisfactory life. Hemophilia is one of the emergent terminal illnesses in the world today. Three forms of hemophilia are available i.e. Hemophilia A, B and C. Hemophilia A is caused by lack of blood clotting factor VIII, while B and C are caused by lack of factors IX and XI respectively.

The condition is genetically transmitted, passed on to sons by mothers who act as carriers or to daughters by fathers who display the symptoms of the condition. The presence of hemophilia can be seen through signs such as excessive bleeding in case of cuts and nose bleeding without cause among other factors. The diagnosis of the condition is based on the observation of the symptoms while treatment is achieve through infusion with missing factors for Hemophilia A and B. Hemophilia C on the other hand is treated through infusion with plasma to stop the bleeding (Franchini et al., 58).

The outlined treatment is for adverse cases. Due to lack of permanent treatment procedures, those with hemophilia have to maintain their health in order to protect them from the escalation of the hemophilia condition. This can be achieved through avoiding contact sports that can result in bleeding, especially those that may result in internal bleeding. Those affected should also avoid certain drugs such as blood thinners and aspirins (Hirshoren et al 1429). The effects of the condition on the quality of life are immense. However, the affected can be encouraged to live positively in order to have fulfilling lifestyles.



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