Sample Biology Paper On Causes of Cancer, Treatment And Mutations

Homework Question on Causes of Cancer, Treatment And Mutations

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  • Causes of cancer, cancer treatment, causes of mutations, or genetic diseases.
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Homework Answer on Causes of Cancer, Treatment And Mutations

Cancer is caused when genes in a cell mutate, causing an abnormal growth of the cells. Scientists have been elucidating what causes the gene mutations that result to cancerous cells. Scientists at the Texas health institute believe that their research leads them to the relationship between the stem cells. The researchers studied how the dormant cells are activated from a dormant state. The dormant cells are activated, leading to formation of cancerous cells.

When the cells are activated, they mutate and take a different form; causing abnormal growth of cells According to the scientists, the Fibroblast cells are responsible for cancer. The scientists concluded that cancer is purely found in the stem cells. Scientists have had a difficult time understanding the many cells that exist in the body, and how they contribute in causing cancer.

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The scientists believe they have made a breakthrough and concluded that FGF plays a significant role in causing cancer. The research observes that the transition of cells from inactive state to the active state causes cancer. The scientists conclude that prostate cancer is controlled by managing how dormant cells replicate. (Texas A and M University).