Sample Biology Essays On The Role of Bacteria in Sewage Treatment

Homework Question on The Role of Bacteria in Sewage Treatment

  • My research paper is about using bacteria in sewage treatment. The paper will discuss :
  1. What is sewage,
  2. The types of it,
  3. The different sources of sewage.
  4. Also, the health effects of sewage
  5. The diseases associated with it.
  6. After that, shift to environment perspective; discuss how sewage is an environmental problem.
  7. Then, most of the paper must be focused in the treatment process, and since I choose the biological treatment for sewage discuss the bacteria role in this process only (please just the bacteria no fungi or alga.) both gram – negative and gram – positive bacteria are used in the biological treatment for sewage ( write about this point).
  8. Provide the serotype of each group that has been used in the biological treatment.
  9. Furthermore, provide the different between gram – negative and gram – positive bacteria in the treatment process.
  10. List the most efficient bacteria genus in the biological treatment.
  11. Then, explain the process of the biological treatment of sewage by bacteria( this is the main point of the paper, so please make it perfect and expand in it .
  12. Finally, provide the advantage of biological treatment by bacteria comparing with others biological factors like fungi and alga. 13- the conclusion.

       Homework Answer on The Role of Bacteria in Sewage Treatment

Human beings continue to dictate the current state of the environment due to the nature of activities they carry out. This is because the human population forms part of the ecosystem and can differentiate the nature of activities, which may be good or bad as pertains to health. It is also because human beings are intelligent in a way, in that their activities can harm or protect the environment in one way or the other.

The environment plays a greater role in maintaining a favorable ecosystem where animals can be bred and the human race is able to survive. The environment itself relies on the biological matter, biological organisms, and other biological attributes that sustains it from damage, hence it is important to manage waste to prevent toxic emission of substances into the environment. This is because these toxic wastes may have negative effects on the environment due to the chemical composition of these substances.

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These negative effects are brought about as a result of the emission of such substances into the environment by various sources, which are contaminated in a way. One of these sources is the sewage or sewer water as known sometimes. Sewage is a mixture of water, which is composed of sanitary towels, and mixture of human feaces that has decomposed, and happens to form a greater percentage.