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Homework Question on Smart Pill

  1. Do so called ‘smart-pills’ really have any effect on promoting intelligence?
  2. Is intelligence simply ‘built-into our genes’ and is simply potential ready to be tapped or is it acquired as we age and gain experience?
  • Relevance: Investigate the impact of ingested chemicals on brain functioning from natural vitamins and plant-derived herbals to synthetic pharmaceuticals
  • Include a review of a particular chemical or drug from each group listed above and provide references/literature citations. Then design an experiment to evaluate the effect of a newly-derived smart pill you develop utilizing the scientific method.

Homework Answer on Smart Pill


Chemicals and other dangerous substances are used in various places in the modern world. People are beginning to understand that chemicals to which they are exposed to have diversified impacts onto their health, as well as body functioning. A number of chemicals might be toxic to the human body. Toxicity in this case refers to the ability of as chemical substance to bring about harmful body effects (Hazelden Publishing 14). The body effects may range from the striking of one cell, an organ, organ system, and in some cases the entire body.

All chemicals are assumed to bring about harmful effects to the human body at various levels. Most of the ingested substances may affect important body organs, such as the brain. This paper will evaluate the effects that the ingestion of vitamin substances and other chemicals have on the human brain functionality.

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Natural Vitamins

In general, the ingestion of natural vitamins into the human body is associated with positive health effects. The human body requires different kinds of vitamins for various purposes. For instance, the ingestion of vitamin K would be advantageous to the circulatory system, as well as brain of a human. This case is as a result of the significant role that vitamin K plays in the blood clotting process (Levy 27). In cases where the process is not necessary, the vitamin inhibits the progress of the process. Thus, the ingestion of vitamin K would enhance the flow of fresh blood into the brain system, thus enhancing effective brain functionality.