Sample Biology Essays On Nano Technology

Homework Question on Nano Technology

  • A 2000 word essay on a topic covering a chemical or biology innovation. The student would then be required to research the innovation, the chemistry or biology behind it, the commercial or societal impact.
  •  The paper should be based on the introduction of some type of innovation based on/or that solved a commercial problem for science technology.
  • The paper will be out of 35 marks:
  1. 15 marks for the description of the industry/not for proof/non-government agency environment i.e. size of the markets, who are the major players, how they compete, etc.
  2. 15 marks for the discussion of the science technology and the innovation behind the commercialization or implementation.
  3. 5 marks for the discussion of the product placement or outcome of the commercialization/implementation.

Homework Answer on Nano Technology


The last few decades have seen a tremendous increase in innovations and inventions in the science and technology sector that have fundamentally changed our perception of life. The invention of powerful microscopes, which can observe matter at a sub-atomic level, has enabled scientists to understand the basis of life and how particles interact to build matter. Nanotechnology is at the cutting edge of science and technology and is a field that has huge potential in advancing human well-being.

The commercial potential of nanotechnology is just beginning to be tapped, and there is likely to be an exponential growth in the commercial application of the technology. Nanotechnology has the potential to fundamentally change the way most industries operate, giving scientists the opportunity to engineer particles so that they have predetermined desirable properties. Although nanotechnology can be used for the advancement of society and the amelioration of human life, it is important to note that the technology can also be easily used for nefarious purposes to produce products that are not only harmful to human life but also the environment (Schmidt, 2009).

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The Nanotechnology Industry

Of the many technologies that have emerged in the recent past, nanotechnology promises to be the most important technology of this era, with the potential to transform the way a wide number of industries operate (Maynard et al., 2006). Some of the industries that have already benefitted from nanotechnology include pharmaceuticals, electronics and materials, with the potential application of nanotechnology to other industries increasing as the technology matures (Besley, 2010).