Sample Biology Essays On Medical, Social and Inherited Factors

Homework Question on Medical, Social and Inherited Factors

  1. Explain how selected medical ,social and inherited factors disrupt body systems to cause ill health. For example ,drugs and cystic fibrosis ,describe how the drug and cystic fibrosis disrupt body system to cause ill health .
  2. Describe the social issues of the above example and:-. what affect does this have on the body and why does it cause ill health.
  3. What affect does this have on the patient’s everyday living ?
  4. What affect does this have on the patient ‘s family and friends?
  5. What affect does this illness have on society as a whole . e.g. cost to NHS and tax payer.

Homework Answer on Medical, Social and Inherited Factors

Medical factors such as microbes enter into the body and start to multiply, which eventually challenge the immune system. They kill body cells or disrupt their normal function leading to infections that typically occur in small proportions to the infected individuals. On the other hand, ill health is caused by social factors that are as a result of conditions in which we work or live. Social factors such as poverty, drugs and deprived social conditions increase the disease and ill health risks.

Socially disadvantaged and isolated individuals are normally subjected to poor sanitation, bad supply of water, nutritional deficiency, little access to health services, pollution and poor food quality, which cause increased risk for ill health outcomes. Sickle cell, an inherited factor disrupts the body system leading to poor health. This is a blood disorder that affects the red blood cells causing the body to generate unusual haemoglobin.

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Eventually, the haemoglobin come together forming clumps that cause the red blood cells become stiff developing a C-shaped form and can block the blood vessels thereby lessening flow of blood in various body parts. This process causes damage of organs and tissues in the body leading to ill health.Cystic fibrosis is normally a state that affects pancreas, lungs and other body organs. This is a genetic disorder that causes genes that control chloride ions and sodium, not to work properly.