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Homework Question on Evolution

  1. Can natural selection be observed in the real world? Give a step-by-step summary of the logic of the creationist argument about irreducible complexity.
  2. Does this argument seem reasonable to you? How does the video on eye evolution address this argument?
  3. Why do we think that the proposed intermediate stages of eye evolution really happened?
  4. What point was Darwin making when he said that the evolution of the eye seemed “absurd in the highest degree”?
  5. How has this quote been misused and how does a consideration of the full context of the quote clarify what he was really saying?

Homework Answer on Evolution

According to Charles Darwin, descent with modification refers to when living organisms share a common ancestry and have been modified diversely for their survival. This, therefore, simply means that there are genetic modifications of descendants who share a common ancestor. For instance, birds with populations that have strong beaks are quicker to get to food and feed more due to their strength hence they are able to reproduce more to make the number of birds with strong beaks in the birds’ population more than others.

Common ancestry refers to a universal parent or ancestor from which all life on earth can trace their roots. Darwin exemplifies common descent with tailbones that exists in both humans and monkeys or apes. Descent with modification can be linked to natural selection. If a particular species reproduce more than the food available, starvation may reduce organisms of that species significantly. However, varying traits within the organisms that enhance their survival will lead to an offspring inheriting survival traits from their parent causing them to evolve.

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Natural selection is evident in the current world whereby organisms that have the best abilities have better chances to survive(Sober).Irreducible complexity argues that some things would be too complex to have come about as a result of evolution. Michael Behe explained that while it was easy for some systems to arise through a species undergoing evolution, some could not hence an intelligent designer must have been involved.