Sample Biology Essays On Effects of Biological Warfare

Homework Question on Biological Warfare

  1. Post a one- to two-paragraph Blog discussing your thoughts on biological warfare.
  2. Things that you may include in your Blog include immediate effects, long-term effects of these toxins on multiple generations, as well as the effects on the environment.

Homework Answer on Biological Warfare

Biological warfare is the intentional harm of humans, animals and/or plants, leading to their death, disability or damage, by use of living organisms or their toxic products, such as biological or infectious toxins, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses (Jansen, Breeveld, Stijnis & Grobusch, 2014). Biological warfare is directed to humans to cause them illnesses or death, by limiting their food and other agricultural supplies.

The war is sustained longer when the enemy produces more organisms to continue causing harm to the people and the environment, taking full advantage of the human’s capability to utilize more efficient techniques to overcome and survive the warfare. The results of such warfare are very severe, causing immediate or long-term effects to humans, animals, and plants. Biological warfare is brutal because it is often impossible to reverse the effects on an organism that has been exposed to humans, animals, and plants, causing disastrous epidemics.

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Biological warfare causes social disruption, environmental problems, and devastating effects on the agriculture industry, causing more economic loss that affect both humans and animals in the attempt of overcoming the war. Some of the immediate and long-term health effects include anthrax, coccidioidomycosis, histoplasmosis, plague, scrub typhus, bacillary dysentery, salmonella food poisoning brucellosis (undulant fever) tuberculosis, cholera, tularemia, dengue fever, diphtheria, and typhoid fever.