Sample Aviation Research Questions

Homework Question on Aviation Research Questions

1- What are the reasons to ensure that ground damage does not occur?  Or why should we put training programs and other safety measures together to reduce ground damage.  Discuss a minimum of two (2) reasons.    [10-points]

2- In your won words, describe what is meant by “aircraft ground damage” as defined by Airlines for America or the FAA.  AND Describe an example of such an occurrence  [5-points]

3- Briefly explain the responsibilities of the Director of Safety in an aviation organization.  [5-points]

4- Explain what is meant by “Lockout/Tagout”  How is it used and for what purposes?  [6-points]

5- What is meant by “foreign object debris/damage” (FOD)?  What are some of the ways that FOD gets on the ramp and how do you prevent damage to aircraft and equipment from FOD?  [15-points]

6- Briefly discuss five (5) methods or general recommendations for the prevention of aircraft ground damage  [20-points]

7- List a minimum of five (5) common CAUSAL FACTORS in ground damage events.  [5-points]

Homework Answer on Aviation Research Questions

Question One

It is important to ensure that ground damage does not occur as each incident could prove very costly to the airline, both in terms of lost revenue and repair costs. In addition, ground damage incidents could also lead to intangible consequences such as increased maintenance workload, not to mention the unwarranted inconvenience caused on the passenger as and when they occur.

Question Two

The Airlines for America defines “aircraft ground damage” as damage to an aircraft’s exterior due to personnel or equipment that calls for measures other than sign-off and inspection. When aircraft ground damage does occur, it is often deemed to be the responsibility of the personnel under ground operations at that point when the damage took place. Examples of such an occurrence include forced landing or in the event that an aircraft crashes.

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Question Three

The Director of Safety is a very important position within the Aviation industry, in as far as aircraft and passenger safety is concerned. IN this case, position of a Director of Safety in an Aviation organisation encompasses overseeing all the safety-related activities of the organisation or airline.