Sample Aviation Research Paper On Terrorism And Islam

Homework Question on Terrorism, Islam, and its Effect to the Aviation Industry

An argumentative research paper. Try to relate the research to the aviation safety on Terrorism, Islam, and its Effect to the Aviation Industry

Homework Answer on Terrorism, Islam, and its Effect to the Aviation Industry

Before the advent of Prophet Mohammed, there were political systems in Arabic peninsula. There were the Bedouins and the Urbans. A good example of the Urban is Mecca where Prophet Mohammed was born. The Bedouins and the Urbans both had a tribal leader and his council. The tribal leader had control over the tribe. However, after Islam spread in Arabic peninsula, Mohammed was the leader, and he made Quran the Constitution for the new Islamic empire.

During that time, there were no Arab empires; only the Roman and the Persian empires existed. Series of Islamic states that existed during that time were not available to form one country or a union, such as Europe in the Middle East.  Therefore, terrorism came as the only vehicle for people to use in demanding for a united nation or caliphate in the Middle East. In their demands, the terrorists have taken part in some anti-Islamic activities, such as killing innocent civilians.

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Today, Terrorist groups use excited young kids in age between 15 and 21 years to convince other children to join them. This has led to terrorist attacks, such as the 9/11/2001 attack in the US and has shocked every person who works in the aviation field. Almost every terrorist attack has been linked to Islam, and this has affected the aviation industry related or operating in Islamic territories. This paper acknowledges that terrorism has a negative effect on the aviation industry, but it is separate from Islam as a religion.